4 - Prototypes and pre-series


Quick prototypes and pre-series

SLS. It is a rapid prototyping technique based on microspheres of polyamide and the incision of a laser beam. This ensures that these remain welded together, creating the piece by the succession of horizontal layers or sheets, which is inside contour and composing exterior of each of the slices of the geometry.
SLA. Stereolithography is a process of rapid prototyping using stratification for the construction of a design model. The technology uses liquid photopolymer resins which solidify exposed to a laser beam, the trace each section of the CAD model on the surface of a resin Cuba photo-polymer, thus materializing the CAD model of the part, layer by layer.
Pre-series. Sometimes you need to make a short pre-series and these pieces should behave very similar to the final part, both dimensional and mechanical, and is used for a variety of materials that simulate the behavior of almost any thermoplastic, through technique CASTING VACUUM in silicone molds.
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