S330 - Rectangular vinyl caps

Material: Vinyl - Color: Black, others on demand - Maximum temperature: 177 C

Recommended for plating, anodizing, spray painting, protection during transportation. Designed to mask plain and threaded studs, tube ends and even slotted holes.


Reference AxBxL mm   Reference AxBxL mm
S330-7x2x30 7x2x30   S330-23x2x70 23x2x70
S330-8x2x45 8x2x45   S330-23x4x85 23x4x85
S330-8x3x50 8x3x50   S330-23x4x85 23x4x85
S330-8x4x25 8x4x25   S330-24x6x110 24x6x110
S330-9x7x30 9x7x30   S330-25x10x85 25x10x85
S330-10x1,5x50 10x1,5x50   S330-25x10x95 25x10x95
S330-11x1,6x15 11x1,6x15   S330-25x2x70 25x2x70
S330-11x1,6x45 11x1,6x45   S330-25x25x45 25x25x45
S330-11x2,5x55 11x2,5x55   S330-25x5x110 25x5x110
S330-11x3x105 11x3x105   S330-25x6x150 25x6x150
S330-11,5x5x75 11,5x5x75   S330-25x8x150 25x8x150
S330-12x2x40 12x2x40   S330-25,5x6x250 25,5x6x250
S330-12x7x165 12x7x165   S330-27x15x135 27x15x135
S330-12,5x3x95 12,5x3x95   S330-28x3x115 28x3x115
S330-13x1,6x110 13x1,6x110   S330-28x4x160 28x4x160
S330-13x1,5x110 13x1,5x110   S330-29x5x60 29x5x60
S330-13x1,5x75 13x1,5x75   S330-30x1x95 30x1x95
S330-13x1,7x110 13x1,7x110   S330-30x20x85 30x20x85
S330-138x6x25 138x6x25   S330-30x30x45 30x30x45
S330-14x2x105 14x2x105   S330-30x6x125 30x6x125
S330-14x5x150 14x5x150   S330-30x6x145 30x6x145
S330-14x6x105 14x6x105   S330-30x6x155 30x6x155
S330-14,5x2x75 14,5x2x75   S330-30x8x150 30x8x150
S330-14,5x2,5x80 14,5x2,5x80   S330-31x2x90 31x2x90
S330-15x15x60 15x15x60   S330-33x2x65 33x2x65
S330-15x3x125 15x3x125   S330-33,5x26,5x50 33,5x26,5x50
S330-15x3x55 15x3x55   S330-34x4x115 34x4x115
S330-15x3x80 15x3x80   S330-34x8x130 34x8x130
S330-15x6x110 15x6x110   S330-35x10x140 35x10x140
S330-15x6x110 15x6x110   S330-35x15x95 35x15x95
S330-15x6x50 15x6x50   S330-35x20x50 35x20x50
S330-15,5x3x80 15,5x3x80   S330-35x35x8 35x35x8
S330-16,5x2x110 16,5x2x110   S330-38x17x85 38x17x85
S330-16,5x2x80 16,5x2x80   S330-38x2x65 38x2x65
S330-17,5x3x85 17,5x3x85   S330-38x6x58 38x6x58
S330-17,5x4x60 17,5x4x60   S330-40x20x75 40x20x75
S330-18x18x45 18x18x45   S330-40x30x95 40x30x95
S330-18x4x30 18x4x30   S330-40x40x45 40x40x45
S330-18x8x120 18x8x120   S330-40x40x60 40x40x60
S330-18,5x10x115 18,5x10x115   S330-45x30x60 45x30x60
S330-18,5x2x75 18,5x2x75   S330-45x45x65 45x45x65
S330-19x4x65 19x4x65   S330-46,5x2x75 46,5x2x75
S330-19x4,5x75 19x4,5x75   S330-50x50x40 50x50x40
S330-20x2x25 20x2x25   S330-51,5x3x50 51,5x3x50
S330-20x20x35 20x20x35   S330-60x2x75 60x2x75
S330-20x20x90 20x20x90   S330-60x60x65 60x60x65
S330-20x2x35 20x2x35   S330-77x3x35 77x3x35
S330-21x6,5x90 21x6,5x90   S330-80x80x18 80x80x18
S330-22,5x2x75 22,5x2x75      


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